Biotechnology Practicum: Students Understand Each Process by Conducting Their Own Trials – In order to understand changes in substances in the process of decomposition by bacteria, today (27/2) 9th grade students of Jaya Plus Montessori School conducted a trial of cassava. The purpose of this lab is to change solid cassava particles and decompose with the help of bacteria and yeast to tape.

Tape has a softer structure than cassava. this is because solid molecules in cassava have been converted by bacteria into softer compounds. This experiment utilizes the role of bacteria in the decomposition process.

This Biotechnology practicum becomes a routine curriculum in biology at JPM school. The students were invited to immediately understand each process by conducting their own trials. Of course they are accompanied by professional educators so that the practical process runs smoothly.

today the children seemed enthusiastic about doing step by step in practicum. they listen carefully to the direction, and experiment well. In general, they are able to catch the lesson today.

So, friends, do you often do this kind of practice at school? If often, it’s very good if you pay attention. because this biology practicum is very useful in our lives later. Have a good study!


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