Campus Visit From Kainan University to JPM Maleakhi 456 School

Tangerang – Kainan University (開南大學), known as KNU, located near Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan, is a private university within the highly qualified faculties, staffs and administrators whose passion and dedication is easy to be seen through offering students a positive learning experience.

The University motto —”Sincere, Excellence, Freedom and Vigorous”—are always the long-standing spirit of KNU and as the focus of University Operations. Also, KNU’s operations team take ” student ” as the center of education, all of the faculties’ members sharing their expertise to provide students to build up competitive advantage and an opportunity to success in their long coming career.

JPM Malachi School collaborates with Kainan University to facilitate students from JPM to be able to continue their studies abroad, especially in Taiwan. JPM Malachi School chose Taiwan as a study destination for its students by considering many things, one of which is distance. Based on previous experience, many students say that studying in China, Japan, America and Europe is too far.

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