Caturbrata Nyepi at Jaya Plus Montessori School – Nyepi is a Saka New Year celebration that is carried out by Hindus. When Nyepi is not allowed to carry out activities as usual on a normal day, to create a quiet atmosphere. The meaning is lonely from all worldly activities to purify the universe and humans.

At the Nyepi celebration, Hindus carry out the Catur Brata letting or four bans at Nyepi. Catur Brata includes Amati Karya, Amati Geni, Amati Lelungan, and Amati Lelanguan.

First, Amati Karya means to stop any work. Second, Amati Geni means do not turn on any lighting such as lights or fire. Third, Amati Lelungan means that you don’t travel anywhere during Nyepi celebrations. And finally, Amati Lelanguan means a ban on doing worldly pleasures, because it’s time to reflect and clean up to welcome the new year.

In particular, Students of Jaya Plus Montessori School also took part in this celebration by holding a prayer of thanksgiving in the School Building today, Friday (8/3). Students from both Hindhu and non-Hindu religions follow the celebration very well. The meaning of reconciliation is felt and applied by every student, teacher and parent without exception.

At the end, Mrs. Rossy as principal of JPM Kindergarten hopes that the meaning of Nyepi which is full of repentance and reconciliation will make each student more humble and foster a spirit of sharing. Happy Nyepi Day all!



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