Comprehensive Seminar from Yangzhou University – Today, many parents increasingly understand the importance of education for their children. They send their children not only domestically, but also abroad, whether in Europe, Australia or in China.

Jaya plus montessori school facilitates students to have a comprehensive view of education abroad especially in China. In particular, JPM School presents direct speakers from Yangzhou University, China to provide an overview of scholarships that can be obtained by JPM students.

During the visit as well as a short seminar held on Friday, May 10, 2019 ago at the Elementary Building, Yangzhou representatives presented:

  1. Mr. LU Weigang as Director, Department of Human Resources;
  2. Ms. XU Lei as Administrative Dean, College of Medicine;
  3. Mr. LIU Administrative Staff, College of Nursing;
  4. Ms. GAO Min as Vice Director, College for Overseas Education;
  5. Ms. HU Yi as Director, Department of Education, Affiliated Hospital;
  6. Ms. JIN Shengyi as Vice Section Chief, Dean’s Office, College for Overseas Education.

The six representatives explained clearly what the scholarship requirements are, how the conditions of the study there are, and what can be done when conducting a study in China.

Attended by around 50 people, this seminar received a very extraordinary response. Some student guardians also expressed their satisfaction because JPM School provided these facilities.






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