Gebyar PAUD Nusantara, Introducing Culture Early

To introduce culture must be done early, including Indonesian arts and culture. For this reason, the Tangsel City Education and Culture Office (Dindikbud) held the 2019 South Jakarta City Nusantara Festival in Graha Widya Bhakti (GWB), Setu, Monday (1/4).

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The Head of the Department of Education and Non-Formal Education (PPNF) at the City Dindikbud, Tangsel Supandi, said that as many as 140 students and kindergarten students from 35 educational institutions in South Tangerang took part in the Nusantara Festival Gebyar.

“Our Gebyar PAUD Nusantara is for two, namely regional song singing competitions and regional fashion shows,” he told Tangerang Ekspres, Monday (1/4).

Supandi added, for the singing competition the participants had to sing compulsory songs and songs that could be chosen. The compulsory song is Ibu Kartini’s song, while the chosen songs are White Cloud, Bunga Nusa Indah, Dear Teacher, Happy Heart.

For Fashion shows, the students of Paud and TK walked on the stage prepared by the committee with a variety of regional clothing. Like clothes in Bali, Sunda, Java, Betawi, Padnag, Aceh and others. “With their innocence the children were happy and walked demonstrating the clothes they used,” he added.

Still according to him, early childhood is a period of menanmkan character education, love the character of Indonesian culture that is very diverse. “It’s our job to instill early childhood education, so that in the future they love Indonesian culture,” he explained.

Supandi said, Gebyar PAUD Nusantara was held in order to welcome Kartini Day on 21 April. RA Kartini is a national hero woman who has struggled to liberate her people. Thanks to his services, all Indonesian teachers and daughters can go to school and work.

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“The most important thing in this event is their courage to appear before friends and teachers,” he said.

PAUD Jaya Plus Montessori also sent participants to enliven this stage. Although not yet won the title, the children looked very happy.

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The winners in the Gebyar PAUD Nusantara were ranked 1, 2 and 3 and received trophy prizes and coaching money. Hopefully, with this competition, the children and motivated kindergarten to love Indonesian culture.

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