Jaya Plus Montessori Piano Competition was Awesome

Jpmontessori.sch.id – Welcoming in December, Jaya plus montessori held an event to hone children’s talents by holding a piano competition in December 8th, 2018 at The Garden, Living World Mall Alam Sutera, Tangerang.

The piano competition is classified into 3 categories, namely category A for ages 4-7 years, category B for ages 8-13 years, and category C for ages 14-17 years.

Although still an early age, it turned out that their ability to play piano keys was not inferior to famous composers. Tone after tone is sounded very harmoniously in accordance with the scores they learn.

The jury, when met at the event, said that children have been able to compete very well and fairly. They prepared this race in earnest. That is very good for their future.

Some parents or piano tutors who brought their children to participate in this competition also greatly appreciated the event held by Jaya Plus Montessori in welcoming Christmas. They said that the piano competition was very fun while training children to dare to display their abilities.

Jaya Plus Montessori also worked with Malachi 456 to guide children to train their motorics in this race. In addition, cooperation is also established with Pianino and Petrof Piano who have for years developed piano training for all ages. And that is no less exciting, JPM also cooperates with OMNI hospitals in this event which specifically opens free glucose checks for visitors.


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