JPM Elementary School Fun Study Tour – Jaya Plus Montessori Elementary School held a study tour to Bandung on 1-2 November 2018. They visited the Barli Art Center, Bunga Istana Villa, and rejoiced at Trans Studio Bandung.

Departing and returning by bus that has been rented specifically, they seem to really enjoy the tour.

This tour study not only makes students satisfied to play, but also learns every detail of the places they visit. For example at the Balai Art Barli, they learn about art in West Java. Each student is given the task to embrace their journey into a learning note.

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For information, this tourism study is carried out as one of the montessori methods taught to students to get to know the object of learning by visiting it. So that what they get, not only from literature, but also empirical experiences that are easy to remember and embedded.

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