JPM Graduation Day: Best Education for Bright Future Generation – Jaya Plus Montessori School celebrates the graduation of 100% of students starting from Kindergarten to High School. The graduation ceremony was attended by students, parents, teachers and school employees. The event featured the theme of Best Education for Bright Future Generation and was decorated with typical Kalimantan (Borneo) decorations.

The event was held for 2 days in Serpong Digital Center (SDC), Gading Serpong, Tangerang on 21-22 Juny 2019. The first day was used for elementary to high school ceremonies, and the second day was specifically for kindergarten level.

The event was hosted by Mr. Charles Samuel (Director of Junior School / High School) and accompanied by Miss Rosida (kindergarten principal) so that the atmosphere became very lively and fun.

Not only graduation ceremonies, the program was also interspersed with various kinds of entertainment from students in the form of dances, speeches, and so on.

In his remarks, Mr. Charles Samuel as the director expressed his hope that the graduates of Jaya Plus Montessori School would be useful people for themselves, their families, as well as the nation and the homeland.

The 2-day event was closed with a very pleasant photo session with students, parents, teachers and employees.


Kindergarten Graduation

Elementary / Junior High / Senior High

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