JPM Held Teacher’s Day in the best Way – Teachers are always the best job for those who devote themselves fully to educating the nation’s children. Teachers have always been the best place for those who need wisdom to face life. The teacher is always the best person to understand that sacrifice is real, that the real hero is exist.

for that, specifically Jaya Plus Montessori School (JPM) Primary School held an event to commemorate the teacher’s day which fell on 25 November 2018 ago. Beginning with a joint ceremony in the morning, JPM teachers seemed very enthusiastic and eager to welcome the day.

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The program continued with hospitality in the junior high school which was attended by all JPM elementary school teachers. In this activity, the togetherness and familiarity of the teacher was felt. Each of them felt that their efforts as teachers were appreciated perfectly.

It is hoped that with this kind of activity, teachers will be increasingly motivated to improve their performance in educating students. Work together to build a better young generation.

Happy teacher’s Day.

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