JPM Junior High School Hang Out to Pacific Place Mall – There are many types of learning. There are children who can only catch lessons by listening to the teacher’s explanation in the class. There is also just reading a guidebook at home. There are also those who listen to music.

But it seems like every student will be happy if the way of learning is by hanging out to a shopping center. Exactly! Junior High Jaya Plus Montessori students learn how the transactions-in-shopping-centers is directly by visiting Pacific Place Mall at the Sudirman Center Business Distric (SCBD).

Uniquely, even though they hanged out to a prestigious mall, they choose to use public transportation. From school, they were dropped by the teachers to the Jurang Mangu station.

Accompanied by Mr. Charles and another teachers, they used the train to reach Palmerah, West Jakarta. Then they used the Trans-Jakarta bus to reach Sudirman. Not only that, from Sudirman’s bus stop, they still had to walk to reach the mall.

Certainly they did it by the reason, they do it to better appreciate the effort of an achievement. Arriving at the mall, they learn what the teachers have directed. Even though they are tired, they are happy to get a very memorable lesson.

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