JPM Market Day Program: Turn Children Mindset to a Positive Business – As a school that applies the montessori method in its learning system, Jaya Plus Montessori pays attention to every programmed student activity. Each of these activities must lead to sensory growth and development of each student and is related to montessori activities.

In addition to the intra-curriculum activities, JPM also has additional programs carried out during school hours. One of them is the Market Day Program.

In this program, every student is trained to be able to do business, sell, and understand each transaction. This activity is certainly supervised by teachers and assistants.

With this activity, it is expected that students can apply the practice of buying and selling not only theoretically and mathematically, but directly dealing with the real application.

The following is a video of the excitement of the students in participating in the market day. They interact and transact like market life as in general.


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