JPM School Concerns in Optimalizing Students’ Health – Jaya Plus Montessori School has a health school facility called the School of Health (UKS). UKS organizes routine activities every year, which are examinations for every JPM School student.

Today (15/2), UKS JPM School conducts a physical examination including examining eyes, nose, ears, skin, nails and more.

The examination was carried out to all students from toddler to high school. The aim is to improve the health system of students to always be up to date on weather changes.

The examination was carried out thanks to the collaboration between JPM School and medical personnel, Dr. Agnes and Dr. Kenneth Tanaka.

The results of the examination state that all students have optimal health, but are still encouraged to maintain health and to rest more.

“The health of JPM School students is always our priority,” said Tini, JPM School’s Mandarin teacher.

With this routine UKS program, it is hoped that the health of students will always be well-maintained so that the teaching and learning process runs smoothly.



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