JPM School Wins Many Champions at O2SN and FLS2N – South Tangerang City Education and Culture Office (Tindel) held the National Student Olympiad (02SN) and the National Art Competition Festival (FLS2N) calistung at Serpong Utara sub-district held at SDN 02 Jelupang Serpong Utara on Thursday (21/3).

The secretary of the activity committee Siti Khodijah said, this morning Dindikbud held 02SN and FLS2N calistung competitions and Islamic religious performances, this activity was attended by all Elementary Schools (SD) and Kindergarten in North Serpong sub-district.

“Race various types of sports, such as mini soccer, mini volleyball, pencak silat, and art. “It will be held today simultaneously, only swimming will follow,” he said.

Siti Khodijah added, we hope that with this activity students will compete with each other to become creative students in general, we expect cooperation from all schools.

He continued, the purpose of this competition was to increase students ‘creativity in the field of literature and writing, increase students’ awareness of the importance of writing, encourage students to appreciate and introduce local wisdom, develop talents and interests of students in the fields of sports and arts, and raise friendships between students in the Serpong Utara sub-district, with the theme “Proud of Being a Child of Indonesia Rich in Cultural Diversity.”

On the other hand, Head of the Curriculum from Dindikbud H.M. Masyhud, S.E. said, this activity is held in every sub-district, the time is different But Alhamdulillah goes according to plan, and this is filtered and in clusters, at the sub-district level, and chosen to represent North Serpong for the level of South Tangerang city which will be held on the 3rd and April 4 before the national exam.

“If everything has been completed, we will filter it again according to the competition category, there will be 10 competitions which will represent South Tangerang at the provincial level,” he said.

As a school located in the North Serpong sub-district, Jaya Plus Montessori School also sent students to take part in this competition. The results are very proud. A number of championships were brought home. That is:

2019 SD FLS2N Competition North Serpong District
1. Erica Putri Nadeen G hope champion 2 Calistung class 1
2. Rumaisha Emily A champion 2 in Calistung class 2
3. Naura Zahwa K. Juara 2 Picture Story
4. Kenzaro Seko Ilalang. Champion 2 Pantomime
5. Aqueena Alexandra, Clarance Leandra, Celline Claudia Champion 3 New Creative Dance

Champion of the O2SN Competition
1. Ni Made Kenzie Wardani 1st Place in Women’s Singles Badminton
2. Emperor Akbar Raffan Milano Champion 2 hopes for male athletics

Champion of the OSN Competition
Orlando Lucas Kuntjara Champion hopes of the 1st Mathematical Olympiad

South Tangerang level OSN competition
1. Mathematics = Ivan Admaja Kuncoro class VIII rank 8
2. Social Sciences = Felicia Lizette Andanti Arring class VIII rank 27
3. Science field = Jasmine Angeline class VIII rank 31

O2SN Competition
Angeline Clarissa class VII rank 1


Elementary and Kindergarten


Junior High 


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